Student Wellbeing

At every stage of their time at St George’s, we strive to ensure that every individual is fully supported so that they can enjoy all aspects of their education and achieve at the highest levels in everything they do.

We are particularly aware that our families come from around the world and may be with us for relatively short periods of time, so support with new pupil transition is an additional core focus.

In the Senior School, all students have a tutor who sees them every day. The tutor supports all aspects of their education and is the first point of contact for parents who have any questions about their child’s education and progress. The Year Group is led by the Head of Year who oversees all aspects of a student’s school life, with a particular focus on the progress every individual is making.

A School Counsellor is available to parents and pupils at both sites via appointment. The primary responsibility is to promote the wellbeing and development of all students, from an academic, personal and social perspective, as well as to offer support to students, staff and families.

Key Stage 3 students have one Well-Being lesson every 2 weeks. The course coincides with the current P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social, Health and Educational) Programme supporting themes and ideas. Students also have the opportunity to work on whole school initiatives in collaboration with the school counsellor and Heads of Year.

In Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students have access to inspirational talks, masterclasses and workshops.

The aim of these lessons and workshops is to encourage awareness, connection to others, an appreciation of our community, a philosophical enquiry into meaning, and an acquiring of self-knowledge, to allow each student to be able to build a ‘toolkit’ that helps them transform the way they approach life and work.

The House System

As well as being in their tutor group, every pupil at St George’s is a member of a House. The Houses run a wide variety of activities and competitions that all pupils are encouraged to get involved in.

The activities are organised by the Heads of House include, but are not limited to:

  • Sporting Activities
  • Writing Competitions
  • Mathematics Competitions
  • Drama and Music Events.