May Week

'May Week' is a St George's tradition that your son or daughter will always remember, as well as being an important aspect of the curriculum. From Year 7 to Year 10, most pupils will take part in an away trip, organised and led by teachers, lasting one school week within the month of May.

In the most recent May Week, Year 7 were offered a trip to Tuscany, Year 8 a sailing trip to Gaeta, Year 9 an outdoor adventure trip to the Alps, Year 10 to the cultural center of Berlin or adventurous Iceland.

May Week is enjoyable and educational, it allows St George’s pupils to travel to Europe's most significant cities.

For those students not able to go on the away trips, a variety of rewarding home-course options were provided, which included different activities in the local area.

In the meantime, Years 11 and 13 are left in peace to get on with their IGCSE and IB exams.