Drama and Theatre

At St George’s, Drama and Theatre encourages students not only to creatively examine the world in which they live, but also to understand what it means to look at life from different perspectives and viewpoints.

Students have opportunities to create a diverse range of characters in myriad styles, empathically exploring what it is to experience different lifestyles and adopt different belief systems, supporting personal growth and linking classroom experiences to the wider world.

Through this process students are also honing their skills set as writers, performers, directors and workshop facilitators, always looking to provide constructive criticism that supports the creative development of each student, whether working alone or in a group.

In Key Stage 3, Drama is taught as a stand-alone subject from Year 7 to Year 9. Students practically explore a new project each half term, studying different theatre forms and genres from around the world.

At GCSE level and in IB Theatre, students deepen their understanding of theatre practice as a director, designer and performer, exploring the many diverse forms of this dynamic subject; analysing how artists shape changes and create commentary and debate in the world. Students are encouraged to become outstanding team players and motivated and inspired leaders, able to take the initiative and work with imagination and insight.

All students are encouraged to see as much theatre as possible and a trip to London is organised for Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form students every year, as well as local theatre visits in and around Rome.

The Department works with students to put on a variety of productions, from in house musicals to powerful ensemble work in cutting-edge experimental theatre.

As a Department we keep in touch with the changing face of theatre in the world today and encourage all students to be a part of that supporting their engagement in research tasks and independent creative studies and interests. When and where possible we host visiting theatre companies and world theatre practitioners in the Studio Theatre.