Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3: Year 7, 8 and 9

The first year of the Senior School at St George's is Year 7. Together with Year 8 and Year 9, this forms Key Stage 3, where all pupils follow an enhanced learning programme based upon the UK National Curriculum.

The move from the Junior School to the Senior School is an important moment, where pupils take on increased independence and responsibility. Our curriculum - the subjects we offer, and what goes on in lessons day in, day out - is the key process behind our successful outcomes.

Key Stage 3 builds on the learning that has taken place in the Junior School and develops this further so that all students can be successful and independent learners when measured against national and international standards.

Pupils follow a two-week timetable cycle (Week A/Week B) of six lessons per day. Each lesson is either 50 or 55 minutes. A combination of single and double lessons is used to maximise learning time whilst promoting frequent exposure to a breadth of different subjects.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated across the curriculum, as a tool for learning, as well as teaching it as a discrete subject. Mathematics is the only subject where pupils are placed in classes according to ability, to ensure appropriate levels of challenge and support.

Key Stage 3 pupils sit annual exams at the end of each year, across their core subjects, which help monitor and assess performance as they progress towards their IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 11.

Underpinning the pupils education is their access to many off-timetable co-curricular activities, encouraging them to be adventurous and curious both in and outside of the classroom.