researchED Rome

The first ever researchED conference to be held in Italy is taking place at St George's British International School, Rome, on Saturday 26 October 2019.

researchED is an organisation that seeks to bridge the gap between educational research and what happens in everyday teaching practice. Its aim is to raise the research literacy of educators so that they can critically assess the research out there and explore what might work for them in their educational context.

Distinguished guest speakers include those listed below, with more guests to be announced in the lead up to the event.

Tom Bennett

ResearchEd Founder and Director

David Weston

Author of Unleashing Great Teaching and CEO of Teacher Development Trust

Mary Myatt

Author of The Curriculum

David Didau

Author of Making Kids Cleverer

Rosanna Raimato

WomenEd Italia Regional Lead

Katharine Birbalsingh

Headmistress/Founder Michaela

Dr Eva Hartell

Teacher in Stem and Researcher in Haninge

Cristina Milos


Joe Masterson

St George's Deputy Head of La Storta Junior School

Marco Gemelli

St George's Assistant Head of Senior School and Teacher of Maths

Claire Angeletti

St George's Head of Drama and Wellbeing

Why attend?

Attending a researchED conference gives educators the opportunity to hear from leading researchers and educational practitioners. In doing so, educators can consider how they might wish to adapt or improve their practice based upon what is known to work within the field of education. The conference is open to teachers from within Italy, from across Europe, and beyond.