We are pleased to announce that, as of June 2021, we have partnered with a new uniform supplier, Playerlayer, to provide the St George’s school uniform, PE kit and team kits to our community. Playerlayer are specialists in providing eco-friendly, durable and affordable clothing both for schools and professional teams and clubs.

Visit the online uniform store

View our list of compulsory and optional uniform items

Sixth Form Dress Code (Year 12 and 13)

How to Order

  1. Within the St George’s store on the Playerlayer website, select your school location: La Storta or City Centre. Then, for the La Storta section only, select Junior or Senior. 
  2. Browse items in the School Uniform and PE Kit sections. 

Orders placed during the initial launch period, up to 2 August 2021, will be delivered to your selected school campus, packed per pupil name and year group, and available for collection from 23 August.

When checking out, we strongly recommend to choose ‘Collated Shipment’, which is free of charge and automatically ships your order to the school’s collection points: the main reception (City Centre) and the security entrance (La Storta). In this instance the delivery address will be pre-filled in with the school's address. You will only need to fill in the pupil’s name and year group. Home delivery is also an option with a shipping fee of €7.50.

After the first bulk delivery, items will be delivered on a rolling basis for collection from the school. 

There is a size guide and an FAQ section on the PlayerLayer website to help you choose the right size for your child.

Gently used uniform sales are held monthly at both school campuses.

For queries and support please contact info@stgeorge.school.it