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5xMille Tax Contributions: Support St George’s through 5xMille

Did You Know?

A portion of your personal income taxes (IRPEF) can be used to support a non-profit organisation of your choice. Families, staff and alumni are able to contribute 0.5% of your Italian taxes (€5.00 for every €1,000.00 of taxes) to St George’s, as we are an Association belonging to a category that is recognised in art. 10, c. 1, let a), del D.lgs. n 460 del 1997. It does not cost anything to donate, and your small gesture will enable additional funds to be re-invested into your child’s education.

Quick Facts

  • 5XMille is completely anonymous
  • It is easy to donate. Simply add the school’s Codice Fiscal e80016070585 to the dedicated section of your Annual Tax Declaration Form (Dichiarazione dei Redditi) 
  • Contributing enables you to directly re-invest into your child’s future
  • Funds are used to purchase new teaching and learning equipment for the school.

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