The School Day

Our parents know that there is always something exciting going on during any typical day at St George's, whether fundraising for charity, celebrating local culture, a student exhibition or any number of off-timetable activities, all of which contribute to a uniquely vibrant buzz that is noticeable as soon as you walk through the school gates.

Junior School

In the Junior Schools, pupils are based in their classroom for the majority of their lessons, although some subjects, such as Music, are taught in specialist areas.

Children are always kept active to enhance their learning and development: whether it's making something creative or participating in a range of different activities.

The school day begins for Junior School pupils at 8.45am, concluding at 3.35pm.In addition to morning break, pupils enjoy lunch in the refectories from 11.55am.

They may also use the lunch break for clubs and other organised activities, including music lessons, in addition to having fun in the playgrounds.

Parents can access further information regarding lessons and activities on the Parent Portal.

Senior School

Most tutor and teaching groups range between 15 to 20 pupils although IGCSE and IB teaching groups can be smaller. We ensure that tutor groups have a balanced mix of individuals so that everybody can expand their horizons by learning from others around them.

The school day commences with registration at 8.45am and there are six periods in a school day, following a Week A/Week B calendar. Lessons begin at 8.55am and pupils have a 20 minute morning break at 10.20am.

Lunch is served for Senior School pupils from12.45pm. During break and lunch pupils are able to socialise around the school grounds, use the school Tuck Shop or take part in club activities. Staff are on duty to provide supervision during these times.

The school day ends for pupils in the Senior School at 3.35pm.