Parents of St George's

The Parents of St George's are a non-profit, voluntary parent association that support the school by organising a wide range of social events for the school community, to raise funds for charity as well as equipment needed for the school.

Traditional annual events whereby St George's parents and staff are invited, include; Bonfire Night in late October, the Winter Fair in early December and the May Fair in late May. Recent years have also seen open air Shakespeare performances (co-hosted by the parents and the school) and a very popular International Evening at both La Storta and City Centre sites, showcasing the wonderful variety of nationalities and cultures at the school.

Members meet regularly to plan events and discuss ways to make St George’s the best learning and social environment possible. New families have the opportunity to meet and receive helpful advice and tips from the Parents of St George’s, and all parents are encouraged to come along to meetings – for dates and details please refer to My School Portal.