Welcome from the Heads

St George’s Junior School has two sites: La Storta and City Centre.

Both Junior Schools start with Red Dragons (pre-reception, aged 3) and go up to Year 6 (aged 11), after which pupils usually join the Senior School in Year 7 at La Storta.

La Storta Junior School

The Head of St George's La Storta Junior School is Mrs Emma Navin BA, MA.

Mrs Navin is the Head of La Storta Junior School and has extensive leadership experience in the UK, Far East and Middle East. She trained at Middlesex University in England in Primary Education and also has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management from Bristol University.

Emma is passionate about ensuring pupils are provided with an ambitious academic education combined with a strong pastoral programme that supports every individual to be the best they can be and valued for who they are. She believes that happy children are successful children.

City Centre Junior School

The Head of St George's City Centre Junior School is Mr Matthew Woodhead BA, QTS.

Mr Woodhead is the Head of St George's City Centre Junior School, joining with extensive international experience in both the UK, Middle East and Far East. He trained at Edge Hill University in the UK specialising in Science, but has since gained a great deal of experience working with Early Years and Key Stage 1.

He has a passion for ensuring that the first years of education help children to develop a lifelong love of school and learning. He believes that children are only limited by what they are told and should therefore be taught to be brave and to think big.


St George's is an inspirational place, surrounded by world class history and art. We are truly excited by the possibilities that are open to our pupils in this amazing city and cannot wait to keep exploring opportunities with them.