Georgians Move Together Challenge

The whole school community was united behind one goal, the ‘Georgians Move Together Challenge’, a physical challenge that aimed to encourage all members of St George’s to participate in additional exercise and to maintain positive physical and mental health. 

What is Georgians Move Together?

  • It’s a community wide challenge, to collectively move the distance to Serenje, in Zambia. We chose this target as this is where the ZOA Children's Home (SOCH) is based.

  • This was a race between pupils and adults (parents, staff and alumni). 

  • This was a House Event.

Why did the community take part?

  • Regular exercise is proven to benefit both mental and physical health.

  • Good opportunity for families to complete an activity together.

  • To be part of a community effort with everyone working together towards the same goal.

  • To support those less fortunate. All money was split between ZOA (50%) and two local Italian charities (JNRC (25%) and Sant’Edigio (25%)).

What were the rules of Geogians Move Together?

1. To log any activity where the distance moved can be measured (walk, cycle, run, row, Junior School challenges).

2. The activity should have been in addition to normal daily movement (no steps count for the day) 

3. To move under own power (no horse riding or motorised transport).

4. One entry/log per person per day.

Who won?

See the end results!
Pupils (red) made it Serenje first!

Which House contributed the most kilometers towards achieving our goal?

See pictures of Progress displayed on the dedicated Padlet.

What resources helped?

Tracking Apps:

Programmes to coach you through for those new to running:


You can still donate to:

Just Giving

For enquiries about the Challenge, please contact: