Your Tributes to Mr Hales

The passing of Mr Hales has led to an outpouring of love from around the world for the many lives he touched. A selection of messages from the St George’s community can be found below.

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“It is with profound sadness and immense sorrow that we have learned of the loss of our beloved former Principal, Martyn Hales. Martyn Hales was such an incredible part of the St George’s Community. It was thanks to his many years of dedication and leadership that the school flourished and became the prestigious school we have today. His work and support, both as teacher and as Principal, touched the lives of so many. St George’s has certainly lost one of its brightest stars.Together with our staff, pupils and parents, both past and present, we will forever treasure our memories of him and be thankful for all that he has done for us. May he rest in peace, always remembered and never forgotten.”
– The Board of Governors and the Board of Trustees

“A superb teacher and a great colleague. I worked with him for many years, always with mutual understanding and shared good humour. He was a major part of the St George's story and will be much missed.”
– Simon Mawer, Former Deputy Head and Teacher of Biology (1977 – 2010) 

“Many memories and thoughts have been spinning through my head all day. Many of you will remember me as Mrs Minervini, his PA for 5 years but we were colleagues for 30. True he was teaching staff and I was secretarial and our paths didn’t really cross until he became a Deputy Head in the 90's. He was a man you could always rely on in a crisis; he always listened and discussed problems; he was a man who had time for everyone, and if he didn’t he made time. The students : old and new you were his life, there was nothing that he wouldn’t do to help you and he made himself available for all of you. He was the driving force behind the project of the alumni database wanting you all to remain in contact with the school and each other. The Boxing Day Reunion for alumni was an event he looked forward to every year, as was the Leavers’ Dinner for Year 13. This has been a terrible blow for his family and the St George’s community worldwide. My sincere condolences go to his wife Ms McLaren, and his children Robbie & Lauren. R.I.P my dear friend Martyn Hales.” 
– Barbara Minervini, PA to the Principal (2008 – 2013) 

“I burst into tears when I heard the news, first from Simone Andéchaga in Florence, then from Greg Morgan in Rome, Lucy Jones (who phoned from Bahrain) and Petrina McGregor from The Hague. We all loved him so much. He really was a legendary teacher, Head of Senior School and Principal. Martyn was the heart of St George’s; he cared about every student and teacher. Perhaps a Hales building or scholarship in his name as a fitting tribute because he was there almost from the beginning, part of the foundation of such a happy school. “And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.” RIP dear Martyn. My sincere condolences to Sue, Lauren and Robbie.” 
– Maria Radford, Head of English (2008 – 2013)

“Rest in Peace Martyn! As we say in Rome, Che la terra ti sia lieve. I met him again after many years when my son joined St George's. Over 30 years had gone by, but he had clear memories of us, of who we were and what we achieved in the early eighties. A true milestone in our community.” 
– Guido Torelli, Class of 1981 

“So very sorry to hear this very sad news. Martyn was such a kind man. I remember working with him in the maths department, before he rose to the dizzy heights of headship. Stuart and I send condolences to Sue, Robbie and Lauren.” 
– Rebecca Ogden, Teacher of Maths (2003 – 2005) 

“What sad news! Rest in peace Mr Hales, you will be so missed. I will always cherish the good memories from the maths classes, the nerdy math competitions that took us across the world and the football games - what a great football player and coach you were as well as a fantastic math teacher but above all what a great person you were. My deepest condolences to Sue and the family” 
– Nader Sabanegh, Class of 1993

“Tears were shed in Perth, Western Australia whilst reading this notice from St George’s. One of the brightest, kindest, most genuine school leaders I have ever been privileged to share the education journey alongside. And a man of the deepest integrity. My sincere condolences to Sue, Lauren and Robbie. Rest well, dear Martin.” 
– Rebecca Shiel, English Teacher and Head of Key Stage 3 (2002 – 2005) 

“Oh this is such sad news. It was literally just a few days ago I was telling my daughters that my love of maths started with Mr Martyn Hales, and that great teaching ultimately encouraged me to choose engineering, leading me to where I am today. I feel so lucky to have had him as a teacher. My thoughts are with his family - so sorry for your loss.”
– Mellisa Steele, Class of 1994

“Deepest condolences to his family. RIP Mr Hales”
– Aida Al Amad, Class of 1991 

“Mr. Hales R.I.P. great teacher who had a strong influence on many of us, my heartfelt condolences to his family.”
– Ludovico Tassoni Estense, Class of 1986

“Martyn was a kind man, who always found time to speak to students and parents alike. He was an integral part of the St. George’s Community and always acted with the students best interests at heart. He will be missed. Rest in Peace.”
–Tanya Charles, Parent of former pupil

“I am so deeply saddened by this news. He was so kind, even went out of his way to help when he could years after I left St George's and in the early stages of my career. I feel so sad. Sending you three and all that loved him my most heartfelt condolences. RIP Mr Hales.” 
– Eleonora Russo, Class of 2006

“Sincere condolences to Sue, Robbie and Lauren. What a wonderful colleague and friend forever in our hearts.”
– Noreen Johnson, Librarian and EAL Teacher, St George’s Nomentana/City Centre (2007 – 2019)

“Martyn Hales - The beating heart of St George's. May the Lord give you eternal light. Our condolences to Sue, Lauren and Robbie.”
 Lucia Truglia-Nutty, Parent of former pupil Jamie Truglia-Nutty

“Solid and down to earth bloke who gave me the opportunity to set up St George's Football Academy back in 2008 which is still going today. I will always be greatful to Martyn who always put students first with passion and fairness and loved sport - top bloke who will be sadly missed. Deepest condolences to all his family.” 
– Dek Smith, Former Head of Football Academy

“So very, very sorry that the wonderful Martyn has gone to the great mathematician in the sky. Never one to care for outwards appearances, he saw the real potential of the children entrusted to his care. Martyn was dedicated to the school. He will remembered lovingly and fondly by countless students, parents, and colleagues. Thinking of Sue and his children now. Sending hugs and condolences.”
– Alison Macro, Former Chair of the Board of Governors and parent of former pupil 

“What a privilege to read all these comments and see reflected those same sentiments Kevin and I expressed when we heard the news. Martyn hired me in 2008 and showed a personal authenticity and solid concern for the school that cut through all the challenges that are inevitable but also, in the grand scheme of things, irrelevant. RIP Martyn and I’m glad we squeezed in a lunch by the lake with you and Sue in our last days in Rome.”
– Alex Mackenzie, EAL Teacher (2008 – 2012) and Parent

“Sad news. Martyn was such an intelligent man. He was always positive in a directly honest way and willing to help or offer advice to his students and colleagues even if they had moved on to pastures new. A tenacious footballer (I still have scars and we were on the same team!). He said it as he saw it... and was usually right. A great loss. Who am I going to ask stupid questions to about teaching and leadership now?”
– Nik Miller, Former Teacher of Geography and ICT (1995 – 1999) 

“Very sad news. Great teacher to many. Condolences to the Family.”
– Sean Hywood, Class of 1993

“Mr Hales, I hope you knew how comforting you were to a nervous mom at the parent conferences. My son just adored you 1996-2002. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
– Yuki Tominaga, Parent of former pupil

“So sorry to see this news. I remember arriving at St George's and being presented with a six day timetable by Martyn. "Didn't you know we teach on Saturdays?" he said. I still think this was a very good joke and hope to use it myself one day! Martyn had a great sense of humour and was always kind to me. I remember him very fondly and know he will be greatly missed.”
– Jennie Hodson, Former Teacher of Biology (2002 – 2004) 

“Mr Hales always had time for a personal chat. He connected to everyone in the community in a friendly and personable way. He knew so much about the St George's community and cared so deeply. Thank you, Mr Hales, for everything that you did to make what St George's is today.”
- Frances Vulpiani, Head of Sixth Form (2016 – Present) 

“Martyn was loved by so many. The impact he had on my children was positive in every sense, he was far more than just an inspirational maths master. He certainly had a huge influence on why St George’s is the school it is today. Sincere condolences to Sue and his family. RIP Martyn, a wonderful person.”
- John Cowley, former Parent of St George’s (2002 – 2016) 

“As a newcomer to the international school scene, Martyn was always incredibly welcoming and supportive, including many an afternoon at the sunken bar over the road where he was in his element providing the best professional development I've ever had. So many wonderful memories, gone far too soon.”
- Peter Masters, Teacher of Economics (2000 – 2006)

“Forever among the stars Mr Hales. You will never be forgotten. My sincerest and deepest condolences Ms McClaren, Lauren, Robbie and the Hales family.”
- Amal Ismail, Class of 1987

“Following teething problems with our first home in Italy Martyn took our family under his wing when we first arrived. Martyn did not just listen he did. He didn't help because of his position, he helped because it was him. Kind, caring, thoughtful. This wasn't just the case for his staff though. He showed us what it was to be St George's. He knew every single student in Senior School and I don't just mean by name, he knew them! An example for us all to aspire towards and hopefully go some way to emulate half of what he achieved for St George's. Martyn touched so many of us in so many positive ways, we can only scratch the surface of his achievements and influence upon the countless people who had the distinct pleasure of being able to know him. Martyn, forever in our hearts, rest in peace.”
- Paul Lambsdale, Head of Year and Teacher of PE (2005 – Present) 

“Martyn… a great and kind man, always with the students at heart! I shall miss the good laughs and chats (East London vs South London and the good ‘ol days) we had at ‘Ermetes’, along with the endless advice! Rest In Peace ‘Guvna’… from the ‘Greek with a dodgy cockney accent’! We shall miss you very much!”
- Desi Giachetti and Family

“He always took the time to show his appreciation for going the extra mile and he was incredibly devoted to making the school become what it is today. He always offered his support both professionally and personally whenever it was needed. He will be missed but very much remembered.”
- Richard Lancaster, Teacher of Art and Design & Technology, 2014 – Present) 

“My family and I only met Martyn recently as we viewed houses in Trevignano. He was so kind and helpful and was a font of knowledge regarding Trevigano. We were all so sad to hear of the news. We are all sending our thoughts and best wishes to all his family and friends.”
- Kelly Langton, Teacher of Computer Science (2021 - 2022) 


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