Year 9 Artists Win COBIS 2019 International Group Entry Prize

With 646 entries from over 100 schools in the running, 30 Year 9 St George’s students collaboratively worked 
together to top the 2019 Group Entry Competition by scooping First place at the 2019 COBIS International 
Art Awards. 

Students created pieces in aide of the Reverberation project, defined as the work of using sculptures as 
instruments for collaborative communication and creation, which included designs, large drawings and 
sculptures in Art, as well as having produced audio collaborations in Music lessons. Specifically, audio 
that plays through small-concealed speakers within a sculpture. The speakers also relay poems and other 
audio files sent or transmitted by students in other participating schools in the Reverberation network.


News follows on from Sasha’s First prize in the 2018 COBIS International Art Prize competition.

To keep the project alive, 75 St George’s Year 12 students will participate in a site specific performance 
and installation of the Reverberation project at St Paul’s Church in Rome in May 2019.

The plan is to work with some of the asylum seekers who attend the nearby Joel Nafuma refugee centre, many of whom are 
talented musicians and artists.