Year 8 Leading Borehole Challenge for ZOA

The strains of the pandemic have been felt in many areas of life, and in many ways. One sector to feel the effects is Charities.

For St George’s, our long-standing commitment to our charity, the Zambian Orphans Appeal (ZOA), remains strong. With traditional fundraising initiatives, such as live events, not currently possible due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the ZOA committee, made up of pupils across the school, have been busy exploring ways to continue to support the children of the Serenje Orphans Childrens Home.

Now, Year 8 are collectively working together on an important project, and you can help! Year 8 are launching the borehole challenge to improve access to clean water supplies for the children at Serenje.

The Need for a Borehole at Serenje

Mains water is a high annual expense for the orphanage. Sometimes the mains water is unreliable, due to poor infrastructure and old pipes; the water supply can become contaminated or sometimes stop altogether. This has been a problem very recently with extremely dirty water coming through the taps.

The Challenge                         

We need to dig 70 metres and raise 2,700 Euros

This works out as:

38 Euros per metre

19 Euros for 50cm

9 Euros 50 cents for 25 cms

Year 8 aim to raise this money by Friday 26 March.

How can you help?

Any donation, small or large, will help Year 8 realise their goal and will go a long way to securing a clean water source for the children at Serenje. Donate here! Follow the St George’s Facebook page for further updates on the project.