Year 12 Historians Visit Auschwitz

This term, Year 12 pupils had the opportunity to visit Poland to learn about World War II and in doing so, shared their experiences:

By Gabriel: 

"Myself and a group of Year 12's recently travelled to Krakow with Mr Price and Mr Jones to improve our knowledge of the Holocaust and Jewish culture in Poland before, during, and after WWII. We began our four-day visit by exploring the Jewish quarters of Krakow which included a Synagogue and later the Jewish Ghetto. Our tour guide Ana fantastically explained the history and culture of these areas. We also had the opportunity to visit the contemporary art museum MOCAK. A wonderful experience that developed our tastes in art. At the tail-end of the trip, we experienced the most shocking part of our visit, Auschwitz Birkenau - extermination and labour camps. This had a heavy emotional impact on all of use visiting.

Seeing these sites up close really enabled us to understand the true size of these camps and the truly awful conditions the prisoners had to endure."

By Sveva & Camilla: 

"We toured the city and visited the site where the ghetto was located from March 1941 to March 1943. In the afternoon, the tour continued in the Museum of Contemporary Art where we were able to view the artworks and make our own pieces during the workshop. During the tour, we had a profound and touching encounter with a Holocaust survivor, Ms Monika Goldwasser (pictured left), who told us her story in detail. She narrowly survived the Holocaust by living with a Polish family who adopted her from the Ursuline Sisters convent in Krakow."

In Ms Goldwasser's own words: 

I was born at a time when most people of my origin were dying! I was one of the children who were born but were not allowed to grow up. I belong to the youngest generation of people who survived.
I lived and I am evidence of a great love and kindness that knew no fear at a time when evil triumphed!