Teachers Cycle Height of Everest for ZOA

Congratulations to a team of five teachers and two pupils who have cycled consecutively uphill for a combined total of 15 hours to match the height of Everest at 8848 metres.

Now a tradition, St George’s teachers have been taking to their bikes annually aid of ZOA – the Zambian Orphans Appeal – as a means of raising funds for the children at the Serenje Childrens Home in Zambia.

Following on from a 24 hour ride around Lake Bracciano in 2018, in which 1,115 Euros was raised, this year the teachers chose to set a steeper challenge, quite literally, using the scenic hills of Trevignano Romano, Lazio, 40 minutes north of the St George’s campus in La Storta, as their setting.

Mr Moxham, Head of Year 11 and Teacher of Geography, Ms Blake, Head of Geography and Head of Vulcan House, Ms Knights, Deputy Head of City Centre Junior School, Mr Blackburn, Second in SEN, and Mr Talbot, Head of Upper School KS4 demonstrated tremendous determination to meet their targets despite the gruelling conditions.

They were joined by Edward, Year 13, for four ascents, and Tom, Year 11, for a further two ascents.

Donations of just 1 Euro per person can still be made by visiting the Just Giving page. Some of the earliest children to benefit from St George’s support are now flourishing, with the funds raised through ZOA enabling them to go on and further their education. Learn more about ZOA.