Success for Year 13 Biologists in British Biology Olympiad

For the first time, St George’s pupils have participated in the British Biology Olympiad, an online competition under supervised conditions, alongside 9465 pupils from 727 schools worldwide.

Six pupils, all of whom take IB Biology at Higher Level, chose to participate in order to compare their command of Biology with others around the world, and to consolidate their knowledge of the IB syllabus as they approach their final examinations.

All six pupils finished in the top 18% of global entrants, and as a result, were awarded recognition by the organisers. Congratulations go to Alexandre Njeumi (Silver Award), Olivia Whimpenny (Bronze Award), Annika Wolter and Luca Petrini (Highly Commended) and Isabella Houghton and Flavia Zhou (Commended). 

Alexandre Njuemi said: “Having had the opportunity to compete in the Intermediate Olympiad last June, we are proud of our outcome as first-time entrants at this level of competition. As Scientists we are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity to deepen our understanding of the field. Such competitions are also helpful as we prepare to embark on science-based programmes at university.”   

Mrs Anna Lucia Di Renzo, Head of Biology, said: “The British Biology Olympiad was a great opportunity for our Biologists to challenge themselves, and their knowledge of subject, beyond the confines of the curriculum. The questions they tackled in the Olympiad were rigorous and ambitious, and participation has helped our pupils to continue to foster a love of subject.”

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