St George’s Year 8 Pupil Wins the Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prize 2019

The English Department have been focusing on both writing and performing poetry in recent weeks in the build up to the annual Keats-Shelley House Poetry Competition and our St George's Poetry Slam later this term.

As a result, St George's is very pleased to announce that Ginevra Elmi in Year 8, has been awarded first prize in the 10 to 13 category of the Keats-Shelly House Poetry Competition for her poem Love of my Life.

The pupils were given the task of using a pop song as thematic and lyrical inspiration to write a perfect Shakespearean sonnet. They looked at offerings by artists ranging from The Cure to Beyonce. Many of the pupils produced some of the best poems they have ever written, combining perfect form with iambic pentameter and rhyme to fit the task. 

Ginevra Elmi was inspired by the Queen song 'Love of My Life' and she pays tribute to Freddie Mercury's lyrics by telling the story of a lover and his muse in the Bard's own form. Ginevra won first prize in the Keats Shelley Competition and the English department are incredibly proud of her achievement and of all the other incredible poems that were entered into the competition.