St George’s to host researchED Rome

We are delighted to announce that St George’s will host researchED Rome – the first ever researchED conference to take place in Italy. The event will be held on Saturday 26 October 2019. 

researchED is a grass-roots, teacher led organisation started in 2013 by Tom Bennett, and assisted by Helene O’Shea. The goal of researchED is to bridge the gap between research and practice in education. Researchers, teachers, and policy makers come together for a day of information-sharing and myth-busting.

Open to teachers and educators from across Italy, Europe and the world, up to 300 delegates are expected to attend. Several distinguished guest speakers have been announced. 

Visit the researchED Rome page for further information, and to register to attend. 

Follow researchedED Rome on Twitter for all the latest news, programme and session details.