St George’s Students Drop Everything and Read

Pupils from across St George’s have come together to Drop Everything and Read.

In the penultimate week of term, every pupil in Years 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 was provided with a work of fiction recommended by the school librarian, Ms Forde. 

Pupils embarked on a week-long series of activities to help them engage with their text, talk about it with peers and immerse themselves in the world of the novel they have been allocated. 

The text each pupil was given was one of just four distributed to the year group, enabling students to talk with others who are reading the same text and to swap when they have finished. Crucially, their texts were also the first book in a series so, having finished, they can move on to others by the same author and involving some of the same characters.

Finally, at the week’s Senior School assembly, a ten-minute pause in proceedings took place, where every pupil and teacher picked up a book and enjoyed some quality reading time.

St George’s encourages students to read well-beyond the curriculum and explore their own love of subject, and this initiative is one of a range of reading-centred activities taking place around the school. Drop Everything and Read was created by the English department, designed to rekindle enthusiasm for fiction, and to promote continued good reading habits across the school.

“We read to escape to wonderful, strange alien worlds:  to ‘re-enchant’ ourselves with the magic of the world.”