St George’s shines in COBIS Annual Research Survey

St George’s shines in COBIS Annual Research Survey

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS), a membership association of 259 high-achieving British International Schools in 76 countries, has released the results of its Annual Research Survey. 

An analysis of academic results for the summer 2018 sittings across (I)GCSE and the IB Diploma Programme among member schools, reveals that St George’s has scored above the COBIS school average in all categories. Highlights include: 

  • St George’s 2018 IBDP average score of 35.4 vs. COBIS average of 34.3
  • St George’s 2018 (I)GCSE A*/A grades achieved by 59.4% of pupils vs. COBIS average of 57.2%
  • St George’s 2018 (I)GCSE A*/C grades achieved by 93.3% of pupils vs. COBIS average of 92.9%
  • All members of the St George’s Class of 2018 (100%) are now in full-time higher education or on a planned gap year vs. 91.5% COBIS average.

The Annual COBIS Research Survey once again provides a wonderful endorsement of the superb examination outcomes achieved by pupils at St George’s, and the COBIS averages are a testament to excellence across all member schools.

Mr Adam Oliver, Vice Principal and Head of Senior School, commented: “St George’s does not select its students on academic ability, but rather on their international background. We are thus a truly diverse school, and it is a testament to the hard work of our students, the great support of our parents, and the incredibly thorough and skillful teaching of our staff that our students exceed global averages for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and for the UK GCSE & IGCSE examination averages.”

He added: “To out-perform the average for the UK Independent sector, which includes many schools of the highest calibre, and likewise to go higher than the average for COBIS schools, which represent the best in British education on the international scene, validates our position as a leader in international education. The average St George’s pupil may make as much as an entire grade of progress beyond normal indications, and in many cases even more. This Research Survey stands as further proof that a St George’s education helps all our students to reach their full potential, and to excel academically.”

View the COBIS Annual Research Survey 2018 Summary Report.