St George’s (I)GCSE Results 2018

St George’s British International School is proud to announce the release of the summer 2018 GCSE and IGCSE results for Year 11 pupils. This year’s results are amongst the most outstanding in our school’s history. 

The Introduction of a new Grading Scale

The way that (I)GCSE examinations are graded is transitioning. This initiative, from the UK government, is designed to increase the academic rigour of the curriculum and provide greater distinction between the results of candidates. Therefore, pupils sitting their examinations this year have received awards in some subject areas that use the old grading system, whilst certain awards in other subjects have been graded using the new system. The previous system offered grades ranging from A* to G, with A* being the highest grade a candidate can achieve. By contrast, the new system offers grades from 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest score. Though the two grading systems are not directly equivalent to one another, grades of 9-7 can be considered comparable to grades of A*-A. 

Results at a Glance

  • 74 pupils sat their (I)GCSE examinations in summer 2018, with a total of 729 individual sittings
  • 57.8% of entries (old grading system) were awarded a grade A* or A
  • 62.9% of entries (new grading system) were awarded a grade of 9, 8 or 7
  • A combined average of 59.0% of entries were awarded grades A*-A/9-7
  • The second best ever top-end results for St George’s, short only of the 59.1% achieved in 2016
  • 92.4% of entries scored between A* and C
  • 96.0% of entries scored between 9 and 4
  • A combined average of 93.3% of entries were awarded grades A*-C/9-4
  • The third best ever combined average score for grades in the range of A A*-C/9-4. A grade C in the old scale and a grade 4 in the new scale are considered to be a standard pass.

Mr Adam Oliver, Vice Principal and Head of Senior School, comments: “I am delighted to see that St George’s pupils have again risen to the examination challenge so successfully. Bearing in mind the changes made this year by the UK’s examining boards, their achievement is even more impressive. Every student is to be congratulated: excellence is present in other places than the A*/9 grades alone.”

Mr Martyn Hales, Principal of St George’s, adds: “The excellent set of (I)GCSE results this year demonstrates the hard work and commitment of our pupils, and the continued dedication of our teachers to unlock the potential of each and every individual. The Class of 2020 are well-placed to begin the challenge of the IB Diploma, and we wish them continued success with their studies.”

Many academic departments obtained exemplary sets of results, including Art and Latin, where all entrants achieved grades of A* or A.

AS Level Success

A number of our most able pupils sat AS level examinations, achieving consistently outstanding results across the board. AS levels, as with A levels in the UK curriculum, are normally undertaken during the final two years of secondary education (Sixth Form); our students take them at a younger age, making their success all the more commendable. Highlights: 

  • Five students achieved grade A in AS level Art, Craft and Design
  • Four students achieved grade A in AS level French
  • Two students achieved grade A in AS level Spanish
  • Two students achieved grade A in AS level Italian.