St George’s Designers Qualify For Junk Kouture Final in Abu Dhabi

Congratulations to three Year 10 pupils, whose designs will see them heading to the United Arab Emirates in January to represent St George’s in an elite fashion competition. 

Dalal Abu Diab, Virginia Greco and Maya Vulpiani were announced as Junk Kouture World Finalists, along with nine other groups from schools across Italy, at the recent regional awards ceremony broadcast from Milan. They will join finalists from other parts of the world on the big stage as they seek to be crowned the winners of Junk Kouture 2022.

Running as a co-curricular club for pupils in the Senior School, under the guidance of Mr Morgan, a wide range of teams worked on and submitted entries for this years’ competition. The winning design submitted by Dalal, Virginia and Maya, aptly titled Fishing for Compliments, is an extravagant sculptural garment made entirely from recycled materials, including goal nets, prosecco corks and old curtains. The tentacles of the  jellyfish headdress come vividly to life when Maya (the star model!) steps out onto the catwalk to the tune of Queen's 'Another One Bites the Dust'.

Mr Greg Morgan, Head of Art and Design & Technology, said:
“This was St George's first year in Junk Kouture, which  is now a massive global phenomenon. I have greatly enjoyed leading this project  and would like to thank all of the parents and colleagues who gathered materials for us to use. Our Key Stage 3 teams were fantastic to work with. Many of the younger pupils have returned to my weekly Junk Kouture sessions again this year. I am sure that they will soon be following in the footsteps of our 2022 global finalists!”

 Quotes from the finalists:

“The most unusual materials that we used in our design were the garlic nets for the headdress tentacles.” - Dalal

“We are really excited to be going to Abu Dhabi and using our project to raise awareness of plastic pollution.” - Maya

“It was fantastic to collaborate creatively on this project  - not just in our own team, but across all 20 members of St George’s Junk Kouture 2022!” - Virginia