St George's Campus To Expand In Milestone Investment

The La Storta campus of St George’s British International School is to expand in the most significant investment in the school’s history. 
The Principal, Chair of the Board of Governors and Chair of the Board of Trustees are delighted to announce the purchase of the land and buildings adjacent to the existing campus – formerly the home of the La Storta Junior School until 1999 – reuniting the facility with St George’s and restoring the campus to its original 23 acres in size. 

The newly acquired facilities cover nine acres set in lush nature, including the flagship Jubilee Building (2,000 square metres) and the Primary Building (1,500 square metres). The site also includes a 25 metre swimming pool, a mini-swimming pool for the youngest pupils and additional playing fields.

Immediate refurbishment works will be undertaken to ensure that every classroom meets world-class standards, enabling the Junior School to occupy the site as its own dedicated space. The renovation works are anticipated to be completed in the 2024-25 school year. The developments will enable the Senior School to gain additional classroom space in the main building, improving and optimising the teaching facilities for all pupils and staff.

In addition, the school will undertake works to benefit pupils in both the Junior and the Senior School in future phases, prioritising teaching and specialist provision spaces including music, drama and sport for pupils at all stages of their education. 

This significant development confirms the school's desire to continue to offer its pupils the highest quality learning environment to support their education, and to be the school of choice for international and internationally-minded families in the city of Rome.

Dr John Knight, Principal of St George’s, said: “As a relative newcomer to St George's it has been very clear to me in my time here that it has a very rich and strong history with staff, parents and pupils (past and present) that have a deep love of the school. To be part of a team that has reunified the school back to its original La Storta campus after 25 years of it being apart makes me immensely proud. The campus struck me when I first visited for its character and warmth and the reunification of the campus will make St George's a very magical place for future generations of students.”

Mrs Flaminia Muratori, Chair of the Board of Governors, said: “As an alumna, a parent, and now the Chair of the Board of Governors, the reunification of our campus represents to me an invaluable success and a great opportunity for our school's ambitious future, which has deep roots in the rich history of St George's.”

She added: “I extend my gratitude to the school’s management who, together with the Governors and Board of Trustees, have made this achievement possible. My thanks also to the people who work and devote their hearts to our school. There are a large number of staff members who have been working in the school for many years; this success is also their success. St George's was a place of discovery and talent nurturing for me as a pupil, and now, as a parent, I still see it continuing to fulfil this role. The improvement of the campus will further reinforce this.”

Dr Eric Gerritsen, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said: “The Board of Trustees has supported this acquisition from the very start and today the St George's community can look forward to an even brighter future as this new school campus enables us to live up to our vision providing a fantastic facility both from an academic and non-academic perspective". 

St George’s looks forward to documenting its campus development journey over the coming months via the school’s website, Instagram and Facebook pages.