Spring Concert Returns at Parco della Musica

After three long years, our triumphant musicians returned to the Parco Della Musica Auditorium this Spring for the St George's spectacular Spring Concert! 

Congratulations to all participants, and a special thank you to the Year 13 pupils for appearing in their final Spring Concerts, including Nicholas H, Dania, Ondina, Maya, Leon, Nicholas M, Leila, Flavia, Gemma, Cam, Isabella and Ricarda. What an incredible impact you have made!

Mr David Tongue, Principal: 
“It was absolutely wonderful to be able to hold the Spring Concert once again at the iconic Parco della Musica. Sharing this exceptional event with the wider community is one of the high points of the school’s annual calendar and the talent and passion on display was simply breathtaking. I was particularly pleased that, in spite of all the restrictions, our Year 13 musicians, who have brought so much to the school since they have been with us, were able to perform one last time.”