SGBISMUN Takes Centre Stage

St George’s has hosted its own Model United Nationals (MUN) competition, welcoming over 70 participating pupils from five schools in four countries.  

The event was by Keynote Speaker Ms Régine Vilaire-Zukas, an Investigator from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) who provided delegates with a fascinating insight into her work on compliance and accountability within the UN, and then answered delegates’ questions. Her talk set the tone for the debates to follow.

The delegates were divided into four different committees: Security Council, European Council, UNHCR and a ‘special session’ of World Food Programme and FAO. Each committee was chaired by two of our more experienced members, and they did a brilliant job at organising the debates and making them an enjoyable, if intense and occasionally heated experience for all! 

Thank you to the Chairs for their superb work: Eve (Year 12), Joshua (Year 12), Kalina (Year 12), Nicolas (Year 12), Ashoka (Year 12), Gaia (Year 12) and Sébastien (Year 11). Well done to everyone that took part for their hard work, tenacity and creative arguments!

Special mention to the St George’s delegates who won awards:

  • Honourable Mention: Zhifang (Year 11), Gabriel (Year 10), Carolina (Year 10), Zhewen (Year 9) and Harry (Year 9)
  • Best Negotiator: Jasmine (Year 10)
  • Best Position Paper: Pema (Year 12) and Annabel (Year 9)
  • Best Delegate: Elisa (Year 9)

"Chairing the Security Council Conference was a thrilling experience. All delegates were proactive and enthusiastic. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to learn what chairing an MUN conference is really like. It was a truly memorable event!" – Sébastien

“We had the opportunity to explore the theme of 'Maritime Piracy' from the perspective of different cultural backgrounds and motives. In the Security Council particularly, skills of eloquence and diplomacy were displayed throughout, thus leading us to two approved resolutions. Hearing from my peers and fellow delegates in unmoderated caucuses further revealed piracy’s relevance and ramifications on an international scale without the pressure of formalities. One thing I think everyone in my committee will definitely remember was the anonymous ‘gossip box’.” – Lily 

“Despite it being my first MUN conference, I wasn’t at all nervous; I had a lot of fun and got to know everyone well. It was a fun conference, and I was happy with what happened, even though I didn’t win any awards! Overall, it was one of the best experiences in my life.” - Theo

The St George’s MUN team is gearing up to participate in two further competitions in April 2022: MilanMUN and FloMUN.