Pupils Embark on May Week Adventures

For the first time since May 2019, pupils across the Senior School have departed together for May Week adventures in different locations across Italy.

Year 7 pupils have ventured out to the stunning Polvere Island and are exploring the island’s natural attractions by canoe. They have also been busy undertaking a range of team-building activities, visiting a castle and making jam!  

Year 8 pupils are in Umbria, where an early highlight of their trip has been an early morning hot air balloon ride! Other activities they are embarking on this week include kite building projects, a treasure hunt, escape room challenges and a nature scavenger hunt.

Year 9 pupils have arrived at Formia. Being on the coast, the group will have an introduction to sailing, theoretical and practical sailing lessons and they will also enjoy a visit to the Monti Aurunci woodland adventure park.

Heading back to the Eastern regions of Italy, Year 10 pupils have travelled to Marche. Their trip focusses on culinary delights and local culture as they will be learning about various types of ingredients and executing the perfect pizza!

Year 12 pupils have set up camp in Torre Burchio and Monte Cucco, Umbria as they undertake outdoor challenges such as hiking. Pupils will brush up on their leadership skills, participate in Carbon Footprint workshops, and work together in a variety of action-packed challenges. 

Pupils who are unable to attend the May Week away courses are participating in a range of local activities. The Home Course programme includes day trips to Bracciano, Monte Soratte, Lago di Vico and a guided tour of Rome.

Year 11 and Year 13 are not travelling, as they are busy undertaking their IGCSE and IB examinations respectively. We wish them the very best with the completion of these exams.

It is not just the Senior School who have enjoyed the ability to come together on school trips once again – the upper years of our Junior Schools have recently completed their very own residential trips, providing a wonderful opportunity – for the first time in many pupils’ cases, to spend some time away from home with their classmates.

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