Music Extravaganza Brings Term to a Close

This week, all pupils across the City Centre Junior School took part in a production based on the twisted stories of Roald Dahl ‘Revolting Rhymes’. The Theatre lit up as everyone was thrilled to be able to play to a live audience again. Pupils really expressed their enthusiasm and talent on stage. 

Meanwhile, over at the La Storta Junior School, the Christmas production took place under the sunshine, outside in the playground. Parents, pupils and staff smiled as they watched performances from the Dragons who performed the ‘Christmas Sing-a-long’, Year 1 and Year 2 who sang a ‘Winter Sing-a-long’, Year 3 and Year 4 who took to the stage with ‘Eddie The Penguin Saves the World’, Year 5 who performed ‘Giving’ and Year 6 with ‘The Christmas Truce’. 

The festiveness concluded with the combined Junior Schools Christmas Concert and the Senior School Christmas Concert, both performed at the Chiesa Cattedrale dei Sacri Cuori dei Gesu e Maria, just a stone’s throw away from the La Storta campus. 

Well done to all pupils who participated and thank you on behalf of the school community for bringing us joy!