Launch of the Principal’s Award

As part of the celebrating success initiative, St George’s has recently introduced the highest internal accolade, the ‘Principal’s Award’.

Teachers, Heads of Year, Heads of Department or Senior Leaders are eligible to nominate a pupil for the award if they have made a positive, exceptional contribution to the school community.
Once the nomination is successful, pupils are formally presented with the award by certification in the forthcoming assembly and invited with a few of their friends, to have a special catered breakfast with the Principal. As well as a personalised letter to their parents and a profile piece in The Week @ St George’s Newsletter.
So far, St George’s is pleased to announce that 3 nominations have been successful, congratulations to:

Elijah, Year 5 La Storta, pictured above (centre) with two of his dearest friends Simone (left) and Valerio (right).

Hendrik, 13A pictured above in green with the Principal and Thomas (13J).

Leila, 13V pictured next to the Principal with Cam (13A) and Iago (13M).