Junior School Community in ZOA Fundraising Drive

Zambian Orphans Appeal (ZOA) is a charity which supports 35 children in an orphanage in Serenje, Zambia called Serenje Orphans Children's Home. It is solely funded by St George's and by a further school in Switzerland, College du Leman.  

In July 2019, a group of Sixth Form pupils, accompanied by staff, will be travelling to Zambia for two weeks to undertake a variety of projects in support of the orphanage. The school community has been very active in its fundraising initiatives to support these projects.

The ZOA Committee are delighted to announce that Ms Smyth, mother of Archie and Olive at the City Centre Junior School, and a friend, will be running the Roma Marathon on Sunday 7 April in aid of ZOA. Pupils at the City Centre have set, and exceeded, an astonishing target of raising €6000 of funds for ZOA during the current school year.

However, there are two key Projects which are critical and require support - this is where Ms Smyth comes in! Her participation in the Marathon will raise funds to provide the Orphanage with Solar Power as well as repair the Water Furrow on site. Individuals wishing to contribute to this valuable initiative may visit the Just Giving page.

Meanwhile, both the Minerva and Vulcan Houses at the City Centre campus will be holding hold a Fundraising Day in support of Ms Smyth’s participation in the marathon, and the community also plans to organise a sponsored walkathon.

Please stay tuned for more ZOA news in the build-up to the Zambia trip this summer.