Embracing World Read Aloud Day

Pupils from the City Centre Junior School at St George’s will join the global World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) challenge on Friday 1 February 2019.

Pupils will be participating in a read-a-thon throughout the whole school day, enjoying a special opportunity to read aloud together, and sharing fictional and non-fictional literature, based in the wonderful colourful library.

Highlights of the day are set to include teachers reading to pupils in the playground at morning drop off, pupils sharing stories during break and lunch times, and, in between, participation from a variety of older age groups to read to the earlier year groups. To build further  excitement, video clips of authors reading their stories aloud will be shared, helping to inspire pupils and distill within them the confidence to share their favourite books and read aloud collectively.

Mr Barber, Head of City Centre Junior School commented: “We are excited and delighted to be taking part in World Reading Aloud Day. We love to read and this is one way that we can show how important reading is to our whole community. It promises to be a fabulous day”.

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