Year 9 Pupils Win Global Micro:bit Competition

Congratulations to Theo and Harry from Year 9 who have been selected as winning entrants in the European schools category for their micro:bit challenge project, Sun finder.

The micro:bit competition requires teams to work together to complete their own project that uses the micro:bit miniature computers. The projects must link to the UN’s sustainable goals.

Theo and Harry worked on various projects in our micro:bit club at lunchtimes and finally entered their “sun-finder” device. This is a device that moves its orientation until it “finds” the sun. It is attached to a solar voltaic – so the solar voltaic is rotated until it is facing the sun!

Theo said: “We were surprised to win because we are new to micro:bits. Although we have done some coding before, we had not used the micro:bit make-code editor and did not know how micro:bits work. We are very pleased that the judges found our project interesting! We were thinking about how people may get more power from their solar voltaics. We see these solar voltaics everywhere now. Normally they are fixed in one place, so they don’t always face the Sun.

Harry added: “We wanted a way to make them track the Sun, to follow it in the sky, just as some plants do, like sunflowers. We will carry on with new projects now. We have a good team: we have the coding skills and the hardware skills. One of us is really interested in writing the code and one of us enjoys putting the devices together and 3D modelling and printing them.”

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