AIBWSI Middle School Maths Team Competition

St George's has hosted the first Association of IB World Schools In Italy (AIBWSI) Middle School Maths Team Competition. 

The event brought together 19 teams of enthusiastic students from five leading international schools across Italy. 

In the first round of questions, pupils worked through five sets of five short problems. Then, after some refreshments, in the second round they tackled three sets of four longer questions, which proved to be more challenging. In the third and final round came the popular “cross-number puzzle”. Here the pupils split into twos: one pair worked on the Across questions, while the other pair solved the Down questions. One team managed to solve the entire complex cross number puzzle in the given time! 

Participants paused for lunch and enjoyed delicious mixed salads, a hot ragu dish and grilled vegetables followed by nutella cake.

In the afternoon “Chase” event, the teams pursued each other through 8 stations dotted around the school building with intriguing puzzles to solve and also penalty questions to slow up the all-too hasty ones!

Congratulations to the four St George's teams, who came first, third, fourth and fifth overall respectively - an incredible achievement! Well done to our winners: St George’s Team 2 (Olive, Costanza, Coco and Mavi, all from Year 8.