Entrance Assessments

As part of the application process, pupils applying to join Year 4 or above may be invited to sit our entrance assessment.

The test that we administer is the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4); a diagnostic assessment that helps our teaching staff to understand the pupil's current level. The assessment normally takes a maximum of two hours to complete, and pupils sit a tailored assessment according to the age and the year group that they will be entering. Prior preparation is not required, and the assessment is in multiple choice format, requiring the use of a computer with internet access, and headphones or speakers in order to follow the audio instructions.


The results of the CAT4 assessment do not determine whether a pupil is offered admission to the school. Rather, they are used as a guide when considering the application, to gain an indication of the pupils strengths, and to ensure that appropriate support can be put in place where required. More information can be found on the CAT4 page of the GL Assessment website.

Sitting The Test

Applicants will be requested to sit their assessment at the invitation of the Admissions Team. Normally this occurs when a space becomes available in a year group to which they are applying, however applicants may be requested to sit the assessment even when a place is not available. This ensures that they are on our waiting list and that the Principal can access as much information about the applicant as possible when reviewing or re-reviewing the application.

The majority of our applicants are based overseas, and the procedure for sitting the test at their current school is easy. The St George’s Admissions team will request the contact details of a teacher or staff member at the pupils current school who can organise a suitable time for the assessment to be sat. We then provide the teacher with log-in instructions in order for the pupil to access the test. Upon completion, the results are automatically accessible by the Admissions Team at St George’s. Where a candidate is based in or has scheduled a visit to Rome, they will be invited to come in to the school to sit the assessment, usually to be combined with an informal interview with the Principal or Head of School.