Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

St George’s British International School builds on its status as a leading British International School, providing the highest quality education in a stimulating learning, teaching and nurturing environment to ensure that each and every child develops his or her full potential and becomes a responsible global citizen.

Mission Statement

St George’s British International School aims for excellence in learning and teaching, providing a challenging and caring environment for students within an international community. The school draws on the educational expertise of the National Curriculum of England and Wales and of the International Baccalaureate Organisation ‘to develop the individual talents of young people and teach them to relate the experience of the classroom to the realities of the world outside.’ Our learning and teaching is enhanced by the use of the latest technology and we aim to ensure our students are equipped to be active 21st century citizens.

Our curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills that are important for our students to become successful lifelong learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We bring learning to life, raise aspirations and help our students to approach existing challenges through critical and creative thinking. We prepare them to become proactive problem solvers: imaginatively seeking out opportunities for innovation in school and beyond. Working towards each student fulfilling their maximum potential, we promote self‐reliance, personal development and empathy, valuing all members of the school community equally and taking opportunities to facilitate students working together across age groups. Importantly, we believe that cultural diversity is a positive strength and therefore we actively promote international awareness including an understanding of different ways of life. We believe that this international dimension enables us to draw on a wide pool of talents from our pupils, parents and staff, in a sharing supportive environment. We celebrate our differences, and our different abilities, while offering the opportunities for learners to achieve their full potential.


St George's six core values comprises of:

  • Excellence in learning: Our students are encouraged to work effectively and willingly in collaboration with others and to become responsible, self‐confident individuals, independent lifelong learners and to acquire and apply a diverse range of transferable skills.
  • Excellence in teaching: Our staff are valued and regularly undertake professional development. They are flexible, adaptable and ready to take on new roles and responsibilities. They aspire to motivate and inspire our students and to be positive role models for them. They seek to develop relationships with the local community and with other schools nationally and internationally and keep abreast of educational changes.
  • Educational values: We take the best from the National Curriculum and enrich it building towards the International Baccalaureate’s diploma programme with its breadth and emphasis on developing the ideal learner profile. We believe in skills‐based learning to support the acquisition of knowledge. Co‐curricular activities enhance the education provided at St George’s. We place an importance on understanding the host Italian culture and society and aim for intellectual rigor and high academic standards. We recognise the importance of, and invest in, quality resources and facilities.
  • Pastoral values: Strong emphasis is placed on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship resulting in care both for ourselves, our own community and the wider world beyond. We celebrate all our talents (and the fact that we are an international community in Italy), while supporting all learners to develop their full potential with self‐confidence.
  • Wider world perspective: We aim for all members of our community to be open minded, co‐operative and welcoming and to respect themselves and others. We take pride in our excellence and actively promote our achievements. As valued partners in the educational process, our parents are encouraged to participate formally and informally in the life of our establishment. Our staff and students are encouraged to be appreciative of other cultures.
  • 21st Century values: We aim to be forward thinking, adaptable to change and are committed to developing our use of the modern technologies. Throughout our community we aim to instil the values of caring for each other and also caring for the environment. We are a responsible employer and aim to prepare our students for challenging times.