Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to become one of the leading British International Schools with a global reputation for excellence and innovation.


Our mission is to ensure that all pupils become the very best version of themselves so that they can excel today and into the future. We focus on the inspirational teaching of a broad, deep and balanced curriculum leading to the holistic development of highly competent, knowledgeable, compassionate and committed pupils who are inspired by the best British International education within the rich cultural and historical context of Rome.


Our three core values are: internationalism, inclusivity and excellence. 

Internationalism   We are an internationally diverse community where differences are respected and celebrated.


We are a welcoming community where all pupils, alumni, staff and parents are encouraged to thrive, feel safe and belong.


We are a hugely ambitious community where all members are challenged to strive for excellence in all that they do and become the very best version of themselves.

The St George's Learner Profile: The Nine Cs

At St George’s we believe that there are nine components of success and therefore nine aims which we look to develop in all of the pupils under our care. These are: academic competency, contentment, curiosity, confidence, the willingness to embrace challenge, commitment, creativity, compassion and cultural understanding.


Providing pupils with the necessary abilities, skills, knowledge and understanding to excel both today and in the future


Ensuring pupils are happy, satisfied, self-aware and comfortable in their own skin


Providing pupils with an infectious love of learning and a strong desire to find out more


Ensuring pupils are ambitious, self-assured and have an appreciation of their own unique abilities and qualities. Providing pupils with the confidence to work independently and to lead and collaborate with a team.


Ensuring pupils embrace challenge, have high expectations and readily do things that are difficult and test their abilities


Ensuring pupils are dedicated, have the right attitude and recognise that effort, process and application are more important than innate ability


Ensuring pupils use their imaginations, think critically and develop their own original ideas


Ensuring pupils are kind and show a concern for others and the world around them

Cultural Understanding

Providing pupils with the ability to relate effectively across cultures