Principal's Welcome

Photo of David Tongue


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of St George’s - one of the leading and most academically successful British International Schools in Europe.

At St George’s we are proud of our rich history of providing a world-class education to both expatriate and internationally-minded local families in one of the world’s most iconic cities. Our community - uniquely in Rome - represents more than 90 different nationalities and this infuses our school with vibrancy, inclusivity, tolerance, respect and support.

Our highly-qualified team of teachers includes many leading educationalists and experts in their field who inspire the pupils to genuinely be the best they can be. As a leading school, we are committed to not only recruiting and retaining the very best teachers, but also to ensuring that we constantly develop and improve the education they provide for our pupils through a focus on training, coaching, research and innovation.

Our close links with the world’s highest performing and most aspirational universities ensure Georgians are filled with ambition and have the highest possible expectations for their future. Whilst our (I)GCSE and IB results are among the best of any school of its type in the world, and are comparable with leading independent schools in the UK, we believe that a truly outstanding education is about so much more than just examination results. Our focus on the nine Cs ensures our pupils become highly successful individuals who are equipped to excel whatever the global economy of the future looks like, but who are also proud of who they are and their own unique combination of qualities, talents, passions and challenges.

Our rich programme of co-curricular activities allows pupils to develop a wide range of interests beyond the curriculum. Our sports facilities are without parallel in the city. Our performing arts and music productions are breathtaking in both their ambition and scope. The artwork that adorns the school would not look out of place in any professional gallery. And, perhaps unsurprisingly for a school with such close links to the city’s diplomatic community, we have consistently excelled on the international stage in our Model United Nations endeavours.

Above all, however, we are proud of the young people we are helping to develop at St George’s. Our pupils are welcoming, polite, compassionate, independent and entrepreneurial. They are also convinced that they have the capacity to make a difference in this world. Nowhere is this evidenced more clearly than in the excellent work that the pupils put into the school’s orphanage in Zambia.

Whether you are contemplating your first or next international move, or are already based in the city, there is no substitute for visiting the school’s City Centre and La Storta campuses. I look forward to welcoming you in person to this wonderful school.

Mr David Tongue BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc
St George's British International School