St George’s Artists’ Work Used For Setting Global Standard

As part of his work as Senior Visual Arts Examiner for the International Baccalaureate, Head of Art and Design & Technology, Mr Greg Morgan, has recently completed preparation of extensive exemplar material for forthcoming Cat 1, 2 and 3 IB teacher training workshops.

This material needed to model the upper end of student attainment in the exhibition component. As all 13 members of the IB Visual Arts 2020 graduating class achieved a 7 for this component, it was agreed by the IB that much of the exemplar work could be taken from the portfolios of St George’s pupils. Hundreds of teachers and consequently several thousand students worldwide will be inspired and influenced by our own artists’ achievements.

This is not the first time that St George’s IB artwork has been used by the IB to represent exceptional standards. St George’s work has been featured in the IB’s online gallery and is also displayed extensively in the Global Centre in Den Haag. Much of the exemplar exhibition work in the Oxford University Press course guide to IB Visual Arts was created within the art studios of F floor.

Our Art department is contributing to the work of the IB in other ways. As part of his ongoing consultancy work within the IB Visual Arts Curriculum Review, Mr Morgan is researching how the future specification can best prepare students for Art and Design pathways in higher education. Consequently, several of our current artists and recent alumni have contributed thoughts and evidence to the study.

Pages from the university application portfolio of Heidi Hughes, Year 13