The school is owned by the St George's School Association, represented by the Board of Governors (BoG), which is elected by the members of the Association.

It acts as custodian of the school, with responsibility for the overall strategy and long term viability of the school. The BoG entrusts the ongoing management of the school to a wholly owned company (the SRL).

The Board of Governors


  • Education Committee Chair: Salvatore Carollo
  • Governance and Risk Committee Chair: Nick Brough
  • Resources Committee Chair: Carlo Bragazzi

The St George's School Association

The St George’s School Association (SGA) owns the premises of the La Storta site (land and buildings) and is the owner of the St George's British International School brand. The SGA is a non-profit-making legal entity run in full accordance with Italian legislation. All parents and guardians of pupils, except members of staff and their spouses, are entitled to become members of the association, according to the terms of the statute.

The Operating Companies (the "SRL")

The Operating Companies of St George's British International School are responsible for the management of the La Storta site (St George's School SRL) and the City Centre site (Piccolo Mondo Scuola Elementare e Materna SRL). "SRL" is the Italian equivalent of the British "Ltd". The two SRL, through the Principal, annually present an operating plan and budget for the following year, together with annual revisions and updates to a multi-year development plan.

The Board of Directors of the two SRL

  • David Tongue (Chair)
  • Michael Carvalho (Vice Chair)
  • Salvatore Carollo (Member)

The Board of Trustees

Just as most countries have a final court of appeal or constitutional court, the St George’s School Association has a Board of Trustees – a small group of people of high standing in Italy and Great Britain, who provide advice and who can intervene in matters of great importance to the future of the school. The Board of Trustees currently comprises of: