University Destinations

From St George's to Higher Education around the world

Students identify early on in their IB career the nature of courses and educational institutions they are seeking to enter after St George's. All students are provided with comprehensive support, working closely with the University Guidance Counsellor, form tutors and the Sixth Form leadership team, to secure admission to their programme of choice.

Each year, members of the graduating class secure admission to world-renowned universities, with recent destinations including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and LSE in the UK, as well as institutions such as Harvard, Yale and MIT in the United States. Whilst most pupils join UK, US or Canadian institutions, some students also choose to stay closer to home, at a range of universities across continental Europe. Australia is another destination of choice for some graduates.

The Class of 2023 have continued the brilliant work of their predecessors, their success leading to their admission to a number of top universities.

Students gained entry to UK universities that are members of highly prestigious Russell Group of 24 leading UK universities committed to cutting-edge research of global importance, and an outstanding foundation of teaching and learning.