2012 ZOA Music Marathon

24 hours of music at St George's

Thank you very much to everyone who supported the music department and our ZOA fund-raising efforts over the last few days of the first half of term with our 24-hour music marathon.

On Friday morning SGLS Junior School held a fantastic concert presenting some of the work they have been doing this term on African drumming and also as part of the new wind instrumental programme for Year 6.

In the afternoon, the Senior School took part in the first part of their inaugural House Music Competition. Each house performed a unison song altogether with an enormous amount of enthusiasm and clearly had a lot of fun. We are very grateful to the adjudicators, Mr Kevin Nutty and Mr Tom Smith, for giving us their time and expertise to judge the competition. The second half of the competition will take place after half-term.

After school the music continued with rehearsals for the orchestra, choir, chamber choir and jazz band. We played and sang throughout the night apart from a short break for pizza at 8pm and when the electricity went out at 4am in the storms. There was a short concert for parents at 10am and then everyone went home to sleep.

Thank you in particular to Ms McGregor for staying throughout the night and to Mr Tom Smith who played the piano continuously from 4pm to 10.30am! The pupils throughout were extremely well-behaved and entered into the spirit of the occasion fantastically. They were very good company and their energy never faltered, even in the early hours.

Darren Everhart and the Music Department

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