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Working at St George's

Thinking of applying for a post? We offer one of the best working environments in the world: friendly and collaborative, with interesting pupils to teach. Staff benefit from good facilities and a dynamic atmosphere, usually choosing to live either in Rome city centre or in the beautiful countryside near lake Bracciano. Teachers come primarily from the UK but several have worked abroad before and some choose to stay abroad when they leave.

St George’s aims to maximise the quality of its support for new staff, in terms of both their professional role and ensuring that they have a smooth transition into daily life in Italy. To this end, we recently conducted independent research into current staff views on the strengths of, and areas for improvement within, our existing support arrangements.

As a result, we now have a thorough programme in place, including help with finding and moving into accommodation, sorting out medical arrangements and facilitating a range of social opportunities. Suggestions from the survey included organising a social event with speaker input on different aspects of life in Italy. The first 'Getting the most out of life in Italy' session took place at the end of August for all new staff, who had the chance to meet existing staff, hear their views and advice on various aspects of Italian life - from art and culture to driving!