2013 TEDx Transmedia review

TEDxTransmedia 2013, held at Villa Farnesina on 27th September, was fantastic. During the course of the day, 75 students from across KS2-5, performed, talked, debated, interviewed, filmed, sang, played, sketched, wrote and generally represented the school excellently.

Our IB students’ talks and debates were polished and thought-provoking. Quotes and images from these performances have been tweeted enthusiastically by other TEDx participants. Their 'Questions' performance opened the entire event and was then repeated for the RAI TV cameras later in the day. The students’ musical performances, led by Mr Everhart, Mr Tait and Ms Townend, were as astonishing as ever and well placed within the programme to punctuate some fairly weighty presentations with their uplifting exuberance.

Our GTV crew were super-slick and utterly professional. Their first interview 'catch' of the day was Pat Younge (Chief Creative Officer for the BBC). They went on to interview almost all of the speakers in great detail, having done many hours of preparatory research on each. The next GTV broadcast will be a TEDx special.

We all enjoyed using the breaks and lunch times to talk in detail with the various speakers on subjects ranging from why monkeys laugh so much, to the dangerous ethics of creating pervasive transmedia story worlds.

During the two days of rehearsals and performances, our TEDx artist in residence sat and drew the speakers and performers. The resulting sketches are astonishing and capture the energy of the entire event.

Many thanks to all who enabled this project to happen, either by participating or supporting in any way. Our photos of the event can be viewed here. The TEDx review is here.

Greg Morgan, Head of Art and DT

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