2014 SGBIS @ IBAEM Conference

 SGBIS @ IBAEM Conference 2014

 St George’s staff and students played a significant role within the  IBO’s Africa, Europe & Middle East Conference. This event took  place at the Marriott Park Hotel & Conference Centre in October.

 Feedback from the 1300 participants who saw our spectacular  multimedia opening performance, student speakers, science        presentations or art exhibition was overwhelm

 ingly positive. Our  many student    helpers went well beyond the call of  duty and  frequently continued      working well beyond their allocated time  slots. This was sometimes to observe keynote p

resentations, or to  help promote charitable initiatives that they encountered for the first time at the conference. 

Our opening performance featuring Joanna Fehr, Mengxin Xiang, Valentina Stefanile and artworks and videos by Emily Whiteman, Julie Colibeau & Claudia Menin was used as the cover image and main item for IB World magazine’s article on the conference.

Many speakers, exhibitors,  IB staff and other participants were delighted to be eloquently interrogated by our GTV team. The resulting films will be used 

on the IBO website along with some of Claudia Menin’s incredible live drawings.

The lecture and workshop programme has given us all plenty to bring back to school. The quality of the keynote speakers was e

xceptional. These included the head of PISA, who I initially didn’t recognize and tried to kick out of the auditorium when he entered during our main performance rehearsal.


I am sure that you will hear many similar stories from our 23 participating students and the 9 staff attendees.

Additional videos of our involvement

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