2013 Senior School May Week!

Our Years 7 – 10 students have returned from their various May Week destinations, an enriching experience for all, having taken part in outdoor activities, team-building work, historical education and all-round good fun.  This St George's tradition is undoubtedly a bonding experience that the students will always remember, as well as being an important aspect of the curriculum.

This year, Year 7 went to Cortino in Abruzzo while Year 8 went on the big favourite: a sailing trip to Sardinia. Year 9 had a mountain adventure in the Alps while Year 10's trip to Berlin offered a historical focus. For those students not able to go on the away trips, home course options were provided, including various activities in the local area, which in itself offers a rich variety of cultural experiences; from ruined cities, to abundant markets, to hiking in beautiful scenery, even if the weather did not quite conform as usual.

Photos of the students’ weeks are available to view on the intranet

Canale Monterano, Lazio
Valle Aurina in the Alps



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