Presenting: Summer Camp 2016!

St George's and British Council - Summer School 2016      

27 June - 15 July                                                                                                                                



The British Council and St.George’s British International School are pleased to present a Summer Camp for children from ages 5-14 from 27 June – 15 July at the school in Via Cassia km. 16. The Summer Camp will give children the chance to study English for up to three weeks and enjoy a series of recreational activities either for the entire day or just the afternoons.

The St. George's Summer Camp, offers students an opportunity to study English or continue to learn the language and enjoy a variety of creative, physical and social activities, while under the supervision of caring and qualified staff. The children may do range of activities such as sport (team games), music, art, computers, drama and cooking, while playing and having fun on the school's beautiful grounds, which offer plenty of outdoor and indoor facilities.

Please complete the Enrolment Form.

Course fee payment: Payment via British Council website.

Summer School activity and transport fees as well as options for payment are found on the School's Intranet.


English Courses

Children will develop all areas of the language, with a particular emphasis on communication skills. Course content and methodology are adjusted to meet the needs of each age group. We use a wide range of materials and activities to ensure that lessons are effective and stimulating.

The courses are 15 hours a week (apart from the first week which consists of 12 hours), Monday-Friday from 09.30 - 12.30, for children at elementary and middle school.

Children are divided according to age and language level so it is necessary for children to take a short test before enrolling to make sure they are the right level. Please book this test on the British Council website.





Brochure, in English and Italian


Recreational activities and sport in English

The recreational activities will be conducted by mother tongue English teachers, allowing the child to develop the language while playing and having fun doing a variety of activities that include: sports, music, dance, drama, computers, art and cooking.

Please choose one of the two options below.

  • Course + activities.  
  • All day activities. 

Children can attend for one, two or three weeks.


Important Information

  • Daily 9.30-16.15
  • Lunch (summer menu) and 2 snacks included
  • Discounts for three weeks are only available for advanced payments and there are no other discounts available
  • Once you have chosen which option your child will do, it is not possible to change in the middle of the week
  • Please note that payments are separate
  • Fees are not refundable

Bus Service

  • Please expect the bus to come early each morning to ensure that lessons start punctually at 9.30am
  • The pick-up points will be communicated to parents the Friday before the course starts
  • The prices are per child per week
  • Bus fees are not refundable
  • Parents are kindly asked to contact us if they are going to be late or if their child is ill on a particular day
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