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Physical Education Department

We believe in the intrinsic value of sport and know that to achieve success requires determination, a commitment to team work, the ability to take personal responsibility, set challenging personal targets, and to evaluate and review one's own performance in order to improve.

The Physical Education Department forms an important part of every student's curriculum during their time at St George's.  As well as the core P.E. lessons attended by all students, there are many extra-curricular sports clubs in operation and frequent team fixtures.  The sports fields at La Storta are extensive and allow the department to rotate many different activities, incuding tennis, football, basketball, rugby, athletics and cricket. 

In Key Stage 3, all students take part in core Physical Education lessons. At Key Stage 4, IGCSE P.E. is offered, a course which is assessed with a 60% practical and 40% theory split. In the Sixth Form, Year 12 take part in regular P.E. lessons, while Year 13 students optionally participate in physical education, which can count as CAS hours.

Aims of the PE Department

  • To maintain and/or develop pupil interest and enjoyment in PE and Sport.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle and highlight the role of exercise and fitness in this.
  • To enable pupils to develop their skills, sporting and otherwise e.g. leadership, interpersonal and problem-solving.
  • To encourage all pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities e.g. perseverance, empathy, independence, teamwork skills, initiative, self-esteem, communication.
  • To help pupils to understand and use safe practice in PE.
  • To help pupils to understand the short and long term effects of exercise on the body.
  • To teach in a way that allows all pupils, irrespective of gender, ethnic origin or ability, to access PE, enjoy the subject and experience success.

For many St George's students, sport features prominently outside of school as well as within, which the school wholeheartedly supports.  Some of our students' recent sporting achievements include: Formula Renault 3.5 Series racing, Italian national representation in equestrian pursuits, Italian national swimming and life saving competitions, regional representation in fencing, golfing from scratch, Black Belt karate and recent representation in the Italian Sailing Championships (Laser class).

To sum up, we want our students to develop pride in their performance, determination to succeed, perseverance in adversity, a sense of fair play, tolerance of others, sportsmanship - adherence to rules, humility in victory and graciousness in defeat - and a responsibility to their team-mates. Most importantly however, we want them to have fun!

For more information about P.E. at St George's, please contact Mr Chris Miller, Director of Sport.