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Junior School Curriculum

The Junior School Curriculum combines the rigour of the English National Curriculum with the creativity on offer from a wide range of arts subjects; music, drama, art, design technology and not forgetting the variety of sports and skills learned in Physical Education (PE). 

We aim to prepare our pupils for 21st century living through the use of technology and in challenging the pupils’ thinking and creativity, whilst the PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) programme ensures that they acquire the social skills and understanding to live in harmony with others.

Each year we include at least three off-timetable collaborations: Book Week, Maths and Science Week and Creative Activities Week.  Last year, pupils across the Junior School learned about Bees in great detail - from how honey is made, to hive design, to baking with honey - during their Maths & Science Week, following the TASC approach to problem solving, (Thinking Actively in a Social Context). 

Pupils in Key Stage 2 can also enjoy Extension and Enrichment activities on a regular basis on their timetable, giving them opportunities to experiment in subjects beyond the curriculum such as Animation; Languages: Mandarin & Arabic; Storytelling using story maps and Modern Jazz dance.

Visits away from school form an important part of the children's learning. All ages have regular day trips in Rome and from Year 3 and older there are residential trips to Umbria, Pompeii, Venice and London. 

Recent initiatives to promote positive learning include Talk Partners, Playground Friends, Effective Questioning and developing a Growth Mindset.