IB Results – Breaking News

Dear parents, guardians, family, friends, and most importantly of all – students!
We are delighted to inform you that this year’s Upper Sixth have continued the brilliant work of their predecessors across the last five years, and have gone on to set even higher benchmarks.
Collective congratulations go to the Class of 2017:
  • 72 students – and 72 passes. Congratulations to every student in the year group for passing the extremely challenging IB Diploma Programme
  • The school’s highest-ever average IB score = 35.9  (The world average is usually around 29.8-30) 
  • The school’s highest-ever average Bonus Points score of 1.9
  • 4 students gained 44 points 
  • 16 students gained 40 or more points
  • 23 students (almost one-third of the year group) gained 38 or more points (the score at which Oxbridge offers commence)
  • 43 students gained 36 or more points
Some of you have been with us as far back as Dragon School, and whether you are a long-term Georgian or joined our community more recently, I would like to congratulate you all, both personally and on behalf of all the staff. No matter what your points score, you have achieved something memorable both as individuals and as a year group. In different ways, you are all winners.  
Our students’ results once again represent their aspiration towards excellence, as encapsulated in the school motto: If you believe, you will achieve.  Their amazing performance, supported by the incredible dedication of the teaching staff, once again confirms St George’s status as one of the world’s leading IB schools.

Adam Oliver, Vice Principal & Head of Senior School



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