2013 End of Term Activities

It has been a hugely busy run up to the holidays, with sporting events and class trips galore.  

The Junior School classes have been consolidating their topic work with some fun day trips, for example:  a Year 3 SGN visit to the Botanical Gardens; SGLS Red Dragons visit to the Farm; SGLS Green Dragons visit to Manziana Woods to hunt bugs; a Year 4 SGN and SGLS visit to the Aircraft Museum, and Year 2 SGLS walked the monuments of Rome.  The Junior School Drama Club presented 'Not Quite William' during two polished performances!

The Senior School has been equally busy; again, to name but a few: Year 7 took a cross-curricular day out to the hilltop village of Calcata, sketching for Art and studying geographical features; Year 8 spent a day walking the bridges of the Tiber, raising money for the Bridges for Africa project; Year 9 visited the Caldara at Manziana on a Geography field trip and Year 10 artists took their boards to Bracciano to sketch, paint and photograph the historic centre.

Sporting events have included the Soccer Fun day which took place on Saturday with its ensuing cricket on the ash; KS3 students enjoying the swimming gala in the sunshine on Friday; both Junior Schools coming together for their Sports Day of sporting challenges, while both Dragon schools took part in their own Sports Day events.  The rest of the Senior School will take part in their own Sports Challenge on Tuesday, the second last day of term.  

Still plenty to look forward to as well, with Twisted Tales being presented on Thursday evening, the ZOA Fashion Show returning for yet another dazzling performance, prize givings, parties and fund raising.  See the intranet calendar for more details.

It’s been a busy time, but undoubtedly an enjoyable one.  Stay cool, not long to go.

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